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Our house

Casa le magnolie is a cute and romantic hideaway located between a long and wide spread of white beach and the majestic Apuane mountains. It is literally possible to be hiking on a mountain top in the morning and take a swim or stretch on the beach 

in the afternoon. 


Perched on a low hill overlooking the mediterranean, Le Magnolie is less than an hour away from Florence, "cinque terre", Lucca, Pisa, Volterra or San Gimignano.

More about Casa Le Magnolie


The house comprises of 2 levels and has 2 bedrooms (1 queen bed and 2 twin beds), one bathroom (shower), kitchen, 2 sitting rooms/dining rooms (one with a very long wooden table), 2 fireplaces, 1 barbecue+wood oven (outdoor), 1 terrace (covered with vines), 1 swimming pool (4x9 sq.m) on a terrace in front of the

house for swimming and sunbathing.

Most of the west side of the house is made out of large windows that look over a fantastic view of the coast line.

The swimming pool, is built in a terrace in front of the house and from the water level our guests will be able to enjoy a beautiful view of the mediterranean coast.

The garden displays a number of fruit trees. In the right season our guests can enjoy a rich harvest of figs, apples, plums and peaches. A peculiar patch of fir trees covering a part of the property made the area a protected one by the state forestry.


Feedback / Press


Following the link above you may see what our former guests say about the house, its surroundings and what has been said about our area in the international press.

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