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Frequently asked questions

1. Are the garden and the swimmingpool shared with other houses or guests?


Absolutely not. Both the garden and the pool are for your exclusive use. They are also very private due to the high position of the house respect to the street.


2. Is the road leading to the house a busy one?


The road passing by the house is a private road that winds around the hill and only takes to the few villas perched on the our hill. The traffic is very limited and shouldn't worry you.


3. Can I bring my pet?


By all means, yes. Notice, however, that the garden is not fenced and therefore your pet may access the nearby road. We used to let our dog free even though he was not used to stay unleashed in the town.


4. Is the property fenced for my pet?


The garden is not fenced. We used to have our dog there and there has never been a problem. Several people have already brought their pets also without any problems. The road that passes by, below the property, is private only for the owners of the villas on the hill and therefore not busy. The other three sides of the garden are naturally separated from the other properties and there is enough land that your pet can run, have fun and not end up in someone else's garden. 


5. Do you have accessories for my baby/small child?


Upon request (at booking time), we may be able to provide: baby bed, baby bath tub, and baby chair. These items are not always available and need to be reserved explicitly at the time of booking.



6. Is a car necessary to enjoy my stay at Le Magnolie?


We think it is. The shops at the foot of the hill are not too far, but the slope is not to be underestimated. and the nearest town, Viareggio, while rather close by car, is still about 5-6 km.


7. Shall I need to clean the house at the end of my stay?


No, the price includes the final cleaning.


8. Is parking a problem?


No, you will have plenty of parking space for at least 3 cars.


9. Is there a policy regarding the age of the renters?


Yes, our policy is that all members of the party must  be 25 or older except in the case of minors accompanied by their parents.


10. Is there a public beach in Viareggio?


Yes, there are two public beaches. One is located near the port and it's extremely small and the other, very large one, is located at the south end of town. 

All the rest  of the beach is occupied by resorts that ask about 12-15 euros per day for a group of 4-5 people. For that amount you're provided with a place to change and shower, a beach umbrella, a sunbathing bed and a couple of chairs. Small boats can also be rented in such establishments. follow this link for some locations.


11. Is there WiFi at Le Magnolie?


Yes, from 2014 there is WiFi (included in the price, of course). 


12. What is the parking situation in nearby Viareggio?


Parking in Viareggio is by and large not free. The rates are: first 15 min free, first hour 1 euro, every successive hour 2 euros. There are some areas with free parking (mostly at the edge of the city and served by a bus).


13. Where can I find the nearest tourist office?


For events and tickets:      Viale Regina Margherita 1, Viareggio

0039 0584 42 72 01


For general tourist information:           Viale Carducci 10, Viareggio

         0039 0584 962233

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